Saturday, 3 November 2012

Top 10 Makeup Products!

Hello everyone,
So for a while now i've wanted to start a blog and well today I was bored so I thought I might as well create one. The reason I want, and have created this blog is due to my love of make-up and everything to do with beauty. So I was sat infront of my computer looking for any ideas and I decided what better way to start of my blog than my top 10 favourite make-up products.
1. Naked 2 Palette
The reason I love this palette is due to the fact that you can create so many different natural looks and personally i prefer to sick to more neutral look rather that the bright, colourful more daring looks. It has 12 different shades of eyeshadows (foxy, half baked, bootycall, chopper, tease, snakebite, suspect, pistol, verve, YDK, busted and blackout) 3 of which are matt and the rest are shimmery. The actual product packaging is study and will protect the shadows from any falls. Inside there is a huge mirror which is super handy and it comes with a double sided brush which is perfect for shadow application.
RRP - £36
2. Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Power (003 Peach Glow)
A lot of people have said how good this powder is and at first i was abit specitical as it only cost £4, and i know price doesnt matter nowadays but could this product be as good as everyone says it is - yes, i absolutly love this powder! As powder is an essential for my make-up bag im always on the look out for good, affordable power that does its job and i found it! As i have patches of oily skin (around my nose, chin and sometimes forehead) i need a powder to help my make-up last longer and help keep the oli and shine at bay; espicially in the summer. I really love this powder, i am in shade 3.
RRP - £4
3. MAC Paint Pot (Bare Study)
This product is perfect for using either on its own or under eyeshadow as a base. I bought this product back in January and i use i nearly everyday and i have hardly made a dint. It is the perfect neutral champagne shade that has a hint of shimmer, at first it can be quite sheer but is buildable. The lasting power is great, it lasts all day long and helps other eyeshadows on top of it last all day as well, however if you have oily skin i would recommend wearing a primer underneath.
RRP - £14.50
4. Maybeline Falsies Waterproof Mascara (Black)
This mascara is one of the best i have ever used, i have always loved the maybeline mascaras and i have to say this is the best i have tried out of them. It has a 'spoon' like brush which grabs all the lashes. I always buy mascara's in waterproof as i you can not trust the english weather to give a sudden downpour and when it does rain i'd rather not have panda eyes and you deffinatly do not get panda eyes!   
RRP - £8
5. Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate Moss (19)
I have to say the Rimmel lasting finish lipsticks have always been I favourite of mine, but I espically love this one. I guess you could say it is my lip shade but better, it is highly pigmented and it has a nice consistency and doesn't try out your lips. The taste and smell is also nice as well as the packaging which is simple and black with a pink 'kate' signiture on the lid they also have the Rimmel crown logo on the lid like on the majoritie if not all of thier lipsticks.
RRP - £5.49
6. Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner (Black)
This eyeliner is perfect for people who are just starting out with eyeliner or aren't so good at it(like me!). The eyeliner has a fine nib which is why I think it is good for beginners. As the nib is so thin it creates a perfect thin line, but can create a bigger and thicker line if you like. I think it is the perfect shade of black - not like some eyeliners which are grey-black.
RRP - £5 - 6

7. Barry M Blusher
I just absolutly love this blush, it may not be everybodys shade as it looks quite bright and daring the pigmentation of this blush is good, but if you apply it lightly and blend it out i think it is a perfect shade of blush and not as daring as it look in the pan. The packaging i think is really pretty and quite sturdy but the only problem is that it doesnt state the shade on the packaging which isnt that helpful - however i think it is in the shade rasberry after looking on the boots website. It comes with a mini blusher brush which i don't use but is alright for traveling.
RRP - £4.59
8. Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation (100 Ivory)
This foundation gives light to medium coverage and does have a shimmer which is visable in the bottle but once you have applied it to your skin it is un-noticable. They are meant to illuminate your skin and give it a radient glow (which it does!) The foundation has spf 15 which is always good so it protect your skin from harmful rays. I think the foundation is good for people who just want to cover up maybe a couble of blemish and the ocasional spot. I like it because i dont need too much coverage and this foundation gives me just the right amount.
RRP - £8.99
9. Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain (045 Romantic)
Revlon are well known for their lip products for being so great (and i have to agree). But i espicially like their balm stain as when you first apply it is a balm consistency which moisturisers your lips and after about hour it turns into more of a stain. It has a long staying power as it is like a stain and pigmentation. I think the colour is wearable as it is more of a toned down red rather than a bright in your face red. Im not a big fan of the smell it has a hint of mint, which i normally love the smell of mint - but this scent not so much.
RRP - £7.99
10. Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer (2)
I have always been on the search for my 'holy grail' concealer so when i heard about how great this concealer was i knew i had to try it out. The coverage it gives is great, after the first time i used it i knew i was gonna love it. The only downside is that it does only come in 3 shades so now im getting paler ready for winter the shade i have is becoming to dark but the lighter shade is far too orange. The concealer states it lasts for 16 hours but i dont ever wear my make-up for that long so i will never know! However it does last all day! It is perfect for covering under eye circles, blemishes anything you need or want to hide!
RRP - £4.19

P.S Sorry for the bad quality for the photos, i used a hitachi camera that does focus very well. Which is why some of the photos i got from the boots internet. Hopefully i will be getting a new camera soon, which will mean better quality photos and i can replace the photos taken from the internet and insert my own..

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