Friday, 22 March 2013

LUSH - Rockstar Soap

Hey everyone, so today i have a review on the Rockstar soap from LUSH!

 I've heard about this so much from different people, but it never really appealed to me as i am more of a shower gel kind of girl, but when i received this in a set from Christmas i finally had a excuse to try it. The scent is really nice and the scent stays on your skin for quite some time after which is always nice, but its not overpowering. Its adds a little moisture not a lot in my opinion, but it doesn't dry my skin, which a lot of products do. 

What do you think of this product?


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  2. I love the smell of this soap and how the scent actually lingers on your skin for a while. It's hard for me to find products like that

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