Monday, 11 March 2013

Review: Real Techniques - Expert Face Brush

Hey Everyone,

I know by know, you have all probably seen far to many reviews on the Real Techniques brushed, but these brushes are literally amazing. They are so soft and don't shed, since these make-up brushes are made by Samantha Chapman, who is if you didn't know is a beauty blogger, she obviously knows what brushes work best. 

I have the expert face brush, which i use for foundation (and sometimes powder!) it apply's foundation perfectly and evenly, you can apply your foundation heavily or lightly depending on the coverage you want. The packaging is nothing amazing, it defiantly better than some packaging though. The handles of the brush are quite a good design, as they have a flat bottom so they stand, but when you want to put them in a pot, it is really not helpful.
I really want to try some more brushes from this line, as from the review i've read, they are all just as good. 

Have you tried these brushes? Which ones do you recommend?

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