Saturday, 23 February 2013

My 10 Beauty Tips!

Hey Everyone,
Today i thought i would share with some of my beauty tips!

1. Heat up your eyelash curler before using it, not so it burns you obviously but it helps curl your lashes easier and better and helps them keep their curl.

2. If you are out of makeup remover you can use body lotion to remove makeup, it even works well on mascara. 

3. Wash your make up brushes regularly to remove any of the bacteria that is on the brush as if you use dirty brushes all the bacteria on the brush you will be putting it onto your face, which can cause spots. Also clean brushes apply makeup more evenly.

4. Always wear suncream, even if it is cloudy and raining outside the sun can still damage your skin. Even if you wear foundation or tinted moisturiser with SPF, its better than nothing.

5. Drink lots of water, i know you are probably sick and tired of hearing this tip but honestly it does work it makes your skin so much more healthy. Drinking lots of water can also really help your hair and nails be more healthy.

6. Use a nude or white eyeliner on your water line rather than a black eyeliner as a nude or white eyeliner helps brighten up your eyes and make them appear bigger, whereas a black eyeliner can sometimes make your eyes seem smaller.

7. Pat your concealer instead of rubbing it, this conceals things better and also if you apply concealer under your eyes, if you pat it in it can help prevent wrinkles around the eye area. 

8. Don't pump your mascara what i mean by this is don't move the wand up and down in the tube really quickly as this get more air in the tube, causing the mascara to dry out quicker.

9. When buying a new foundation by yourself, don't test the shade on your hand as the skin on you hand is a different shade to your face. The best place to test foundation is on the jaw line.

10. If you run out of nail polish remover and your nails are all chipped and horrible the best way to remove it is to apply a top coat of clear nail polish and straight after you apply it, wipe it of with a cotton ball.

Do you have any beauty tips?


  1. Great tips! Couldn`t agree more with drinkng lots and lots of water..

    1. Thank you so much for reading! I've been recently trying to drink a lot more and can see such a difference in my skin!x