Monday, 31 December 2012

New year, new start!

Hello everyone!
As 2012 ends and 2013 begins I thought i would share my new year resolutions and what i hope for the new year.
I know this isn't what i usually post but i want my blog to have aspects of my life as well, i hope maybe my resolutions may inspire you and we can take on the year together.

In previous years i have always made new years resolutions and never stuck to them or completed them. I think last year was to keep my room tidy and as i am sat here now surrounded by the mess of my room, i don't feel to positive for the new year. But maybe posting them here will pursued me to keep at least some of them.
What i will do in 2013:
♥ Decorate my room to the way I want it, I have never been completely happy will my room there has always been something i want to change or something i want to do. So i really want to save my moolah and decorate and design my room to the way i want.
Keep my room tidy, it actually sometimes depresses me when my room is messy, but as hard as i try i can never keep it tidy, mainly due to my laziness and also to the fact that i don't like the way it looks (and i know its a stupid reason).
Read more, i don't often have time to pick up a book and have a good read but when i do i really enjoy it, i find it a good way to relax and when i get a good book it makes it 10x better.
 ♥ Feel confident with my body, this is probably on most peoples list this year, whether it is to lose or gain weight it will most likely be there and the majority of the time its that one resolution that is the hardest out of most of them, but i just want to feel more confident in my skin as i never really have been, so good luck to me!
♥ Drink more water and eat more healthy, i know this is kinda similar to the last one, but this year i really want to be more healthy and drink more fluids as drinking more water helps your skin, nails and hair. So its an all round wonder and i just want to eat more healthy in general like eating more fruit and veg and less high in sugar foods and drinks. I really also want to try and drink only water with the occasional Pepsi max because i don't like many fizzy drinks and i only like Pepsi max (i don't like coke or diet coke or Pepsi, ONLY PEPSI MAX- glad we got that sorted!) oh and sprite, but they are the only fizzy drinks i like.
♥ Write a lot more blog posts, I know i only started my blog two months ago, but in the new year i defiantly want to write a lot more, because i really enjoy it and i hope you enjoy reading.

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