Friday, 21 December 2012

Review: Garnier Fresh Essentials Eye Makeup Remover

Hello Everyone,
A while ago a purchsed the Garnier fresh essentials eye makeup remover just because I ran out of my No7 cleanse and care one, and as its quite exspensive at about £9 (i normally buy it on the boots No7 £5 off vouhers) i thought i would try a cheaper option and i ended up loving it. As it is a liquid eye mkeup remover it does leave residue on your skin for a while, so i dont recommend using it before applying makeup.However it make my eyes feel refreshed after using and when i wake up in the morning as it does contain grape water which soothes the skin, but it doesnt make my eyelids oily or dry or anythings. But i use this at night to remove my waterproof mascara or anyother eye makeup and it gets it off so quick after a couple of swipes. It says that it is sutitable for sensitive eyes, but i dont know how true that is as i dont have sensitive eyes. This is my second bottle of this little wonder and it will probably be a product i will keep purchsing. I dont think it is better than the No7 Cleanse and Care one, but it is pretty close, as it is much cheaper, not oily and is really nice on the skin.

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