Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Review: LUSH - Candy Mountain Bubble Bar

Hey everyone, so today i have a review on the Candy Mountain Bubble Bar from LUSH.

First of all, lets just look at this product it is lime green and baby pink, how cool is that?! To my dismay it no longer looks this pretty, but me being clever pictured it before i destroyed its beauty. This is a Bubble Bar so the hint is in the name! To be honest the thing i like about the product the most is crumbling it under the water, i don't know why it just felt to satisfying. The scent is really nice and the only way to describe this is imagine you have a mountain of candy (get it?!) in front of you! It smell like vanilla, candyfloss and just lots of sugar. I think it is quite moisturising  but i found it to leave a bit of residue on my skin, but that might just be me. Overall i think this is a good product but its a shame i'm going to have wait all year to repurchase it. 

Have you tried any of the bubble bars?


  1. Hiya lovely! I nominated you for the Liebster Award! All the information is here!



  2. I love this bubble bar! :) And basically everything fro Lush! haha

    from zozeebo.blogpot.co.uk

    1. I've not actually tried that much from Lush, but i defiantly want to try more! Do you have any recommendations?