Thursday, 3 January 2013

Wishlist #1

 Hey everyone, so i've seen a lot of people do these recently so i thought i would jump on the bandwagon. Even if i will or will be not be able to afford them, we can all wish, can't we? Most people have a wishlist, so i thought i would show you a few things on mine!

I've heard about this so much and i've wanted it for a while, but it is a little on the expensive side at £21.50 i've never been able to get myself to buy it. So hopefully one day i will pursaude myself to.
This nail polish is just so pretty, i can't even explain how much i want it. Its also only £3 and i would of bought it by now, but i just can't seem to find it anywhere, so i guess i will have to order it online.
I've been wanting to get some new good quality brushes for a while, ive recently tried one of the real techniques brushes which i love, but everyone talks about sigma bruses and i just really want to try them. Hopefully one day i will!
    I want this due to Zoella talking about it on her blogs, after she did a review on it, i instantly fell in love with the palette, and i have a £20 boots voucher from christmas that i probably gonna use to purchase this, but ive been wanting it for ages! I think it is the perfect natural eye shadow palette.
Thanks for reading&i hope you enjoyed!


  1. Great post, I would love to try the Sigma brushes too x